ABC Purpose & Credibility

#1 Purpose – We’re forming strategic partnerships with like like-minded companies.  We are expanding our clientele and I’m looking for good construction managers to work with, and we’re starting with you.

#2 Credibility Statement – ABC, Inc. has been in business over 14 years, Completed over 1,000 commercial jobs with 95% of them on time and 97% of them on budget.

#3 Concern Questions:

  1. What concerns & issues have you had in the past?
  2. What are your goals & accountability needs?
  3. What are you held responsible for?
  4. What are your needs and how can we help you?

Typical Issues: Budgets, Schedules, Logistics and Procurement

Our Features & Benefits

Value Engineering – We give Value by either improving the Function or Reduce the cost without sacrificing quality.

Project Staging – Procuring long lead items ahead of time and having materials, equipment, temporary facilities and sub-contractors onsite when you need them equates to high production efficiency. Simply put, planning each project ahead of time reduces time delays.

Warehousing – We accept deliveries of materials & equipment, store, stage and deliver to the site when needed.

In-House Procurement – We handle the communication, coordination and delivery of materials and equipment to the project site.

Cost Effective Management – We find the lowest possible cost for you.

Our Experience – Reduces errors, delays and cost to you.

Safety Program – Minimizes our Exposure.

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