Influence of Ancient Greek Architecture

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Influence of Ancient Greek Architecture

Although Ancient Greece has impacted the Western World through art, literature, political thought, and even our language, one of the most obvious influence has been their architecture. Ancient Greek temples featured symmetrical design, broad columns, friezes, pediments, and were decorated with sculptures.

Greek Architecture consists of mainly three orders: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian.  The Doric order is the simplest design of the three, made up of only a column with no base, a capital (the distinct, more broad section at the head of a column), and contained triglyphs on the frieze (a horizontal band of sculpted or painted decoration between the architrave and cornice).  The Ionic order consisted of columns with bases, beautifully scrolled capitals, and a solid frieze.  The last of the three orders is the Corinthian order. This order includes slim columns with bases, elaborate capitals decorated in detailed sculpting, and fancy molding.

Roman Architecture

Roman architecture adapted many of the Greeks’ architectural traits. Some of these being the Orders, mainly the Corinthian order. Romans were known as “great innovators” due to their skill of being able to adapt on already existing techniques. For instance, the Romans used the Corinthian column as a base design and added their own touch making the capital more decorative.

It is said that Roman and Greek architecture are their own styles, yet the Greek gave them direction. Although their styles are similar, they were also very different. To elaborate, the purpose of the Greeks’ architecture was designed as art to honor their gods which resulted in a less sophisticated and ornate interior. On the other hand, the Romans were more advanced in material technology, further allowing them to design both the inside and out with great detail creating a structurally sound building. Due to their advance in technology, there are more Roman buildings standing today rather than Greek buildings.

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